Washington-Rochambeau RR National Historic Trail

The nation’s capitol is an auspicious destination along the Washington-Rochambeau National Trail.

The Washington–Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail follows the 600-mile path taken by General George Washington and thousands of troops beginning in September 1781. This march led to the final battle of the Revolutionary War and the surrender of the British.

Washington had asked for help from the French, who were providing military, diplomatic, and economic support. Along with a French commander named Jean-Baptiste de Rochambeau and 7,000 of his troops, they proceeded south through New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the future Washington, DC. This national trail commemorates their route.

After arriving in Virginia, the Battle of the Chesapeake and the Siege of Yorktown occured. With the help of a French naval fleet offshore, Washington and Rochambeau were able to force Britain’s surrender on October 19, 1781, formally ending the Revolutionary War.

This is one of the newest historic trails in the National Trails System.