Events  – 50th Anniversary of National Trails System in 2018
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System with us in 2018! In October 1968, President Johnson signed a number of historic bills into law. The year 2018 provides an opportunity for us to remember these treasures. A national network, which we are a part of, is embarking on a campaign to make all Americans aware of the National Trails System, wild and scenic rivers and more… Join us!

National Trails Tours – Customized for You
National trails have a special knack for providing something for everyone, and our deep knowledge of all 30 national scenic and historic trails allows us to map out tailored packages based on your unique interests. Contact us to find out more.

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality on the Trail
The National Trails Guide provides cutting edge content to educate Americans about the National Trails System. We continue to draw on the latest technologies to serve this purpose. Take part in the exciting future of virtual reality and augmented reality as we use the latest cameras and software to bring you the best of America’s trails in action.

Books – Top 10 Guide to the National Trails
After visiting all 30 National scenic and historic trails, it has become evident that there are certain standout places that deserve special mention. Download your free guide to learn about the best road trips, thru-hike adventures, urban hubs, and the most unique places along the national trails for thrill-seekers. The best of the best!